Definition of website accessibility

Making the web and its services available to all individuals, whatever their hardware or software, network infrastructure, native language, culture, geographical location, or their physical or mental ability.
Tim Berners-Lee, Director of W3C and inventor of the World Wide Web

Site accessibility

This site has been designed in compliance with the Web standards defined by W3C, the norms of accessibility defined by the WAI and criteria established by AccessiWeb.


Main menu
The main navigation menu allows for easy exploration of the site. It contains all the links to the main sections of the site.

Breadcrumb trail
A breadcrumb trail starts at the 'home page' and lets users know both their current location and enables them to quickly return to a higher navigation level.

The footer, at the bottom of the page, allows for direct access to areas of the site that are considered important: Site Plan, Accessibility, Terms and conditions and Credits

Logo at the top of the page
Clicking on the Qualium Investissement logo allows users to return to the home page.

To make reading easier, the text size can be change through the browser settings.

  • Internet explorer 6 : Ctrl + mouse wheel
  • Internet explorer 7 : Page > text size > larger / smaller
  •  Firefox / mozilla : Ctrl + + or -
  • Safari / Camino : Apple + + or -

Keyboard shortcuts
This site does not employ keyboard shortcuts. Technical aids for handicapped people function using only a handful of keyboard shortcuts. You will not find any that are not specifically utilized by the handicapped.

Multimedia content
Some documents are available in PDF format. To open and view them you must use the Acrobat Reader 4.0 (or later). You can download it on the Adobe website where you can download the free plug-in.

The site is fully usable without the need to enable JavaScript support on your web browser.