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28/12/2011FCPR Qualium Fund announces €507 million interim closing

Qualium Investissement has announced a new €56m closing for the FCPR Qualium Fund. This closing completes the fundraising that began in late 2010.

20/07/2011FCPR Qualium Fund announces €450 million interim closing

Qualium Investissement, a private equity subsidiary of Caisse des Dépôts, has announced a €450 million interim closing of its new fund, effective June 30 – achieved within a period of almost six months. The fund’s investors include French and U.S. pension funds, insurance companies, banks, family offices and private individuals.

17/05/2011Qualium Investissement sells its investment in Maisons Pierre

Qualium Investissement sold its investment in Maisons Pierre, one of the French leading builders of detached homes on a plot of land owned by the client, to Naxicap Partners. Pierre Jude, founder of the group, remains the majority shareholder at the end of the transaction.

05/04/2011Qualium Investissement sells its investment in Artesys

Alongside Chairman Eric Chenneveau and the main managers, Qualium Investissement has sold to Capgemini its investment in Artesys, a IT service company based in Paris specialized in the integration of software dedicated to the management, optimisation and transformation of IT infrastructures.