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10/10/2013Qualium Investissement and MML Capital sell Carré Blanc

Qualium Investissement and MML Capital Partners are selling their majority interest in Carré Blanc, the French market leader for household linen distribution, to NiXEN, accompanied by Bpifrance and Calixte Investissement (Crédit Agricole Group).

02/09/2013Qualium Investissement transfers control of Tournus Equipement to its management team supported by MML Capital, UI Gestion and Bpifrance

Qualium Investissement has sold Tournus Equipement to its managers, led by its Chairman, Pierre Marcel, in association with MML Capital, UI Gestion and Bpifrance. Following this transaction, the managers own a majority stake.

18/07/2013Qualium Investissement acquires a stake in Meriguet

Qualium Investissement has become a shareholder of the Mériguet group, a renowned decorative paintwork specialist, alongside the group's founder, Antoine Courtois, the company's management team and IDI.

09/07/2013Qualium Investissement arranges buy-out of Invicta

Qualium Investissement has arranged the buy-out of Invicta, the French and European leader in wood-fired individual heating systems, from its main shareholder, Jean-Pierre Dupire, and the family co-shareholders.

07/02/2013Qualium Investissement sells Socotec to Cobepa and Five Arrow Managers

Qualium Investissement has sold its majority stake in Socotec, the leading French provider of Technical and Inspection Control ("TIC") services, to Cobepa, a Belgian investment company and funds managed by Five Arrows Managers, as well as to employees and management, who are rolling over a significant part of their proceeds alongside the new shareholders.