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Our investments

Qualium Investissement's investments are leaders in their markets, with strong development potential. They are selected for their capacity to create value through both organic growth and acquisitions.

Current investments

Electrical heating and cooling systems for industrial applications

Founded in 1973, Vulcanic is one of the world leaders in the design and manufacture of electrical heating and cooling systems for industry.

The Group employs 600 people and owns eight industrial plants in Europe (France, Germany and Spain), as well as operations in other European countries, Asia and the Middle-East.

Vulcanic products are used in critical environments for a broad range of industrial applications. They serve a diversified customer base of  more than 30,000 customers worldwide with an impressive portfolio of top-level references and cover a broad variety of sectors, such as energy, transportation, oil&gas, food industry etc.



Animal artificial reproduction biotechnologies

Founded in 1963 and based in L'Aigle, Normandy, IMV Technologies is a world leader in artificial insemination and reproduction biotechnologies.

IMV Technologies designs, manufactures and sells equipment and consumables used in the collection, packaging, cryopreservation, monitoring and insemination of animal semen from over 14 species. IMV Technologies has a respective 65% and 25% share of the global market for cattle and swine species, which represent its two main lines of business.

With five foreign subsidiaries (US, India, China, Italy and the Netherlands), and a vast network of distributors across more than 120 countries, IMV Technologies generates more than 80% of its revenue internationally.

The group has four production sites, the largest of which is in L'Aigle, and employs 580 people.

In 2016, the company recorded €77m in revenue.


La Foir'Fouille

Founded in 1975, La Foir’Fouille is the French joint leader in the distribution of low-cost household goods and leisure products.

With 218 stores, over 80% of which are franchised, the brand covers most of France (including the Overseas Départements) and is present in Belgium and Luxembourg.

In 2016, the Group generated a brand-name sales of €563m.




Sweet biscuits producer

Founded in 1883, Poult is the second-largest manufacturer of sweet biscuits and the leading producer of private-label biscuits with 40% of the market.

Poult yearly produces 330 million biscuits packets for the French mass retail and for leading international brands as a contract manufacturer. 

Five production facilities in France cover 17 production lines (cookies, breakfast biscuits, tartlets, dry biscuits, barquettes...).

With innovative policies in management and production as main drivers, the group has experienced significant growth, both domestic and abroad.

Based in Toulouse, the group employs 875 people and reported €175m revenue in 2015 (of which 15% generated by exports).  

Mériguet group
Luxury decorative handicrafts (painting, gilding, panelling, etc.)

The Mériguet group is a renowned specialist in luxury decorative crafts. Founded in 1960 and holder of a French State "living-heritage company" label, Mériguet has since 2006 gradually expanded its business scope from its core decorative Painting business to Stone (stonecutting ans masonry), Metalwork (locks and wrought iron) and Panelling, through ten specialised subsidiaries.

Positioned at the very top end of the market, Mériguet has a prestigious public and private clientele, both in France and abroad, that includes the Château de Versailles, Opéra Garnier, Metropolitan Museum of Art and the White House.

Mériguet is based in Paris and currently employs more than 730 people, including 500 master craftsmen. It generated nearly €155 million in revenues in 2016, of which one third outside France, mainly in Europe, North America, Russia and the Middle East.


Founded in 1924, Invicta is the French and European market leader for wood-fired indivual heating systems. It also offers a range of cast-iron products, such as barbecues, cooking pots and furniture.

Invicta designs and develops its products in-house (design office, certified testing laboratory and foundry). It markets its products mainly through major DIY stores and wholesalers and, more recently, through the 'Invicta Shop' network (30 sales outlets), which is expanding rapidly.

In April 2014, Invicta acquired the Italian specialist in pellet-burning stoves, Caminetti Montegrappa. In 2016, the group generated €75 million in revenue, of which 40% outside of France.

It employs 410 people, mainly in Donchery and Vivier-au-Court in the Champagne-Ardennes region and in Pove del Grappa in Venetia (Italy).  

Fire-resistant fibers

With its origins in Rhône-Poulenc research, Kermel was founded in 1992 and is the European leader in manufacturing aramid fibers for clothing that protects against heat and flames.

Kermel fibers are used in protective clothing for firefighters, military and police forces and employees in high-risk industries (petrochemicals, steel, electricity, etc.).

The group has also developed a technical fiber for industrial applications (filtering gas effluents and manufacturing insulating papers).

The Colmar-based company distributes its products globally and two-thirds of its sales are exports.



Created in 1981, Etablissements Sogal is the French leader in made-to-measure interior furnishing solutions (walk-in closets and sliding doors). The Group has three production sites in France, where it employs over 750 people. The Group's annual revenues are around € 86m (proforma acquisition of Agem).

Sogal products are marketed to a clientele mainly comprising the professional trade and DIY stores. In 2015, the Group acquired Agem, the custom-made interior furniture solutions specialist, whose products are marketed mainly through independent specialist outlets and its own network of around 40 partners, under the Agem banner.




THOM Europe

THOM (Trésor - Histoire d'Or - Marc Orian) is the new name for the group stemming from the merger of the Marc Orian and Histoire d'Or networks. It has 500 stores in Europe, and has become the leading player in the market for jewelry in shopping centers. With its three main brands, Histoire d'Or, Marc Orian and TrésOr, the new group will cover the whole range of the jewelry market, with products from fashion jewelry to gold jewelry with high quality stones.

THOM employs 2,600 people and had consolidated revenues of €604m in 2016.