B2B Language Service Provider

B2B Language Service Provider

Bertrand Gstalder
CEO of Acolad Group



Boulogne-Billancourt (France)

Investment year


European leader in B2B translation

Translation, localization, interpreting

Established in 1995, Acolad delivers to over 10,000 customers a wide range of linguistic services (translation, localization, interpretation, webmastering…) and possesses renowned expertise in numerous sectors (legal, finance, life sciences, industry, e-commerce, luxury…). The group is present in 25 countries spread across three continents (Europe, North America and Asia) and generates ~70% of its revenues abroad.
Acolad offers a unique model intertwining a multi-local approach, particularly close to its clients, with a thorough multi-industry expertise as well as the use of “in-house” high-end technology.
Acolad is an active player when it comes to consolidating the world professional translation market, the value of which is around $20bn. In November 2020, Acolad acquired Amplexor, the second largest European language service provider and, in March 2022, Ubiqus.
The company is headquartered in Boulogne Billancourt and employs c.2,000 people.

About Acolad
size of the global language services market

“As a global content provider, Acolad stands proudly at the forefront of innovation, pushing the boundaries of content creation and globalization, helping its customers to shine internationally and create value. Through our alliance with Qualium, we’re charting an exciting path forward, embracing GenAI’s game-changing possibilities to propel the industry into a dynamic future. ”

Bertrand Gstalder
Acolad group