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Leading European and sovereign provider of mass data processing solutions

Olivier Dellenbach
Founder & CEO ChapsVision

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Valorization of massive and heterogeneous data

Founded in 2019, ChapsVision is a specialist in sovereign data processing. The Group enables businesses and public authorities to succeed in their digital transformation and creates value through a software suite built around its system for leveraging massive, heterogeneous data.
With significant investment in R&D for massive data processing and a strategic focus on acquisitions (17 acquisitions since its creation) and international expansion, ChapsVision has rapidly built up a coherent group comprising two branches addressing sectors with a large data footprint: one dedicated to Customer Engagement solutions (CRM, marketing automation, points of sale digitalization, e-commerce as well as economic and strategic intelligence), the other to Cyber-Intelligence solutions (security and threat detection, OSINT).
ChapsVision has a large portfolio of B2B customers and enjoys long-standing and privileged relationships with French government agencies.
Based in Suresnes, ChapsVision currently employs nearly 600 people.





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“The major financing led by Qualium positions ChapsVision as a leading European and sovereign provider of mass data processing solutions and give us the resources to intensify our dynamic growth strategy.”

Olivier Dellenbach
Founder & CEO