IMV Technologies
Animal artificial reproduction biotechnologies

Biotechnologies for assisted animal reproduction

Alain de Lambilly
CEO of IMV Technologies

Technology of assisted animal reproduction


L’Aigle (France)

Investment year

2014 and 2021

Biotechnologies for assisted animal reproduction

Products and solutions covering the animal reproduction cycle

Founded in 1963 and based in L’Aigle, Normandy, IMV Technologies is a world leader in artificial insemination and reproduction biotechnologies.
IMV Technologies designs, manufactures and sells equipment and consumables used in the collection, packaging, cryopreservation, monitoring and insemination of animal semen from over 14 species. IMV Technologies has a respective 65% and 25% share of the global market for cattle and swine species, which represent its two main lines of business.
With six foreign subsidiaries (US, India, China, the Netherlands, Great-Britain, Brazil), and a vast network of distributors across more than 120 countries, IMV Technologies generates c.90 of its revenue internationally.
The group has six production sites, the largest of which is situated in L’Aigle.

About IMV Technologies
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“IMV Technologies represents half a century of history in biotechnologies dedicated to assisted reproduction. The management team is pleased with its partnership with Qualium Investissement, which enables the Group to accelerate its strategy of product innovations and its international development in high growth markets such as Asia and Latin America.”

Alain de Lambilly
IMV Technologies