Wood heating stoves

European leader in wood heating

Sergio Treviño
CEO of Invicta

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Wood heating stoves

European leader in wood heating

Founded in 1924, Invicta is a leading European manufacturer of individual wood heating devices. Having been historically active in the cast-iron log burning stoves segment, the group diversified its product portfolio into the high growth pellet burning stove segment with the acquisition of the Italian pellet burning stove manufacturer Caminetti Montegrappa in 2014. In 2016, Invicta acquired Deville, a brand with strong reputation among professionals (independent dealers, wholesalers). Invicta is also active in the production of cookware (mainly cast-iron ‘made in France” cocottes) and barbecues.
Thanks to its broad portfolio of brands (Invicta, Deville, Laudel, Caminetti Montegrappa, CMG), its diversified product range (logs and pellets, steel and iron cast made devices) and a presence on all trade channels including (Invicta Shop store network, DIY stores, professional segment), Invicta is ideally positioned to pursue its ambitious European growth strategy. The group’s entire range of wood-burning appliances complies with the Ecodesign 2022 standard, guaranteeing products with high energy performance and low particle emissions.

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“Our focused buy-and-build strategy over the last years, led to broadening our brands portfolio and technologies and is a decisive factor of success to Invicta’s development in the European wood heating stoves market.”

Sergio Treviño