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Qualium supports French mid-cap companies in all sectors of activity

  • Companies that are leaders in their sector;
  • Seasoned, high quality management;
  • Growing sector offering real development prospects;
  • Prospects for acceleration where appropriate through industry consolidation or internationalization.

Our added value

  • A clear investment strategy based on listening to managers who are passionate about their projects and a professional investment process based on a detailed analysis of the sectors  and performance of the companies in which we invest;
  • An active and long-term commitment – depending on the company’s development cycle – to support entrepreneurs to ensure the sustainability and accelerated growth of companies;
  • Proven expertise in tailor-made solutions, buy-and-build strategies, international development and/or new business expertise, as well as support for innovation;
  • Adhering to a common strategic vision with managers and teams and implementing a relationship of trust with the entrepreneurs, which is essential for the success of the projects.

Major player in financial customer relations

Hatime Ouali
CEO of Recocash group

Financial services


Rambouillet (France)

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Major player in financial customer relations

Debt collection services provider

Founded in 1971, Recocash is one of the French market leaders in B2B and B2C overdue debt collection services.
The group offers a unique range of services covering the entire debt collection value chain, from white-label early collection, out-of-court settlements to legal proceedings, complemented by an innovative credit management software solution.
Recognised for its customised and modular approach and operational excellence, the group has a diversified client base, particularly large accounts, with which it has long-standing relationships. Recocash has strong growth potential, driven by a dynamic market fuelled by the desire to optimise corporate cash flow.
Based in Rambouillet, the company employs 150 people.




About Recocash
Debt collection servicing market in France
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million debt claims managed annually
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“We are pleased to partner with Qualium to build the next steps in an ambitious growth strategy. In a high-potential collection market, Recocash intends to consolidate its position in the highest-value segments, while maintaining its high level of quality and its results-oriented culture, which have earned it a reputation among its clients”.



Hatime Ouali
Recocash group